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President Laura Avery

Southland Farmers' Market Association

Board of Directors & Officers

2006 - 07


President: Laura Avery

Vice President: Phil McGrath


Secretary: Pamela Barrett


Treasurer: Scott Beylik



Laura Avery (Market Manager), City of Santa Monica CFM


Pamela Barrett (Market Manager), KP Fontana CFM


Vince Bernard (Grower), Riverside, CA

Scott Beylik (Grower), Fillmore, CA


Harry Brown-Hiegel (Market Manager), Pomona, Covina, Fontana CFMs


Romeo Coleman (Grower), Carpenteria, CA


Gene Etheridge (Grower), Dinuba, CA


Armando Garcia (Grower), Fallbrook, CA


Mary Hillebrecht (Market Manager), Escondido, CA


Phil McGrath (Grower), Camarillo, CA


Ernesto Meave (Grower), Los Angeles, CA


Tim Monahan (Grower), Paso Robles, CA


Bob Polito (Grower), Valley Center, CA


Jeanne Stehly (Grower), Fillmore, CA


Alex Weiser (Grower), Lucerne Valley, CA

Gail Zannon (Grower), Santa Barbara, CA




  The Southland Board of Directors at the 2004 Annual Meeting at CBS Studios.

At a Southland Farmers' Market, you are assured that you are purchasing quality produce from certified local growers and producers. Southland Farmers' Market Association serves member markets, local California farmers and consumers by promoting and protecting the integrity of certified farmers' markets in Southern California.

Top row of photos by David Karp


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