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Lettuce made the menu of Persian kings in the 6th Century B.C. For more epicurian curiosities, see the National Geographic article.

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The California Department of Food and Agriculture provides a useful "frequently asked questions" for California certified farmers' markets., a new federal resource provides easy access to all the information about nutrition provided by various federal government agencies.


Federal Consumer Information Center's Section on Food offers a wealth of information available in online and printed versions.


The University of California Davis Food Safe Program serves up a range of resources and links about food safety: everything from food preservation tips to pesticide information.


The US Dept. of Agriculture provides this site with information about organic food standards and labels.


Did you know that onions belong to the lily family and artichokes are a thistle. Did you know Europeans never tried tomatoes until they were imported from the new world because they are related to the deadly nightshade? A 1949 feature in the National Geographic Magazine explored interesting history and facts about many popular vegetables. It's reproduced here.

At a Southland Farmers' Market, you are assured that you are purchasing quality produce from certified local growers and producers. Southland Farmers' Market Association serves member markets, local California farmers and consumers by promoting and protecting the integrity of certified farmers' markets in Southern California.


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